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Kusri makes high quality research easier to plan, execute, and publish by incorporating cloud technology and best practices in measurement, statistics, and research design.



  • 1 Active Study at a time
  • 150 Participants
  • 2 Team Members per study
  • 1000 Questions
  • Up To 25 Measures
  • Up To 2 Units of Observation
    for designing more complex studies


$199.00/ MONTH
$99.00 / month

  • 5 Active Study at a time
  • unlimited Participants
  • unlimited Team Members per study
  • Advanced data quality, integrity and research management suite
  • Up To 4 Units of Observation
    for designing more complex studies


$799.00/ MONTH
$499.00 / month

  • Build multiple studies simultaneously
  • Save and copy measures
  • Up To 8 organization members
  • Up To 4 Units of Observation
    for designing more complex studies
  • Advanced archiving – studies are saved by the organization
  • Advanced administrative control
  • 25 hours of free voice transcription

With All Plans You can

  • Build robust measures
  • Design even the most complex,
    multi-level & longitudinal studies
  • Collect data on any device, online & offline
  • Collaborate with other team members,
    anywhere in the world
  • Automate participant self-reporting
  • Monitor research progress and data quality
  • Ensure data security and compliance

Better Data

Proactively monitor data collection progress and manage data quality. Eliminate the challenges related to paper-based data collection, double data entry, damaged or lost records, and coding and decoding errors.

Better Outcomes

Manage your studies, resources, and funds more effectively. Adhere to funder and institutional requirements for managing and sharing data, securely, with the public and other entities.

Better Research

Standardize and streamline your research design, execution, and delivery processes on one single platform. Maintain research integrity as you collaborate with team members anywhere in the world.

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